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Our team of experts let you reach your dream career destinations with best guidance you have ever got.

Our team consists of a group of highly qualified and experienced group of industry specialists from various educational backgrounds with over years of varied experience. Our specially trained counselors provide customized solutions to each student.

We are thought partners with our clients. We value relationships that are grounded in honesty and inquiry because we believe that an open exchange of ideas, supported by careful vetting, will produce dynamic results. We encourage our clients to think expansively yet be pragmatic; to take smart but reasonable risks; to learn from others; and to follow through from great ideas to successful implementation.

Exclusive services
Disha Consultancy offers you the best possible study package in concurrence with your needs, both financial and curriculum-wise.
Admission Assistance
We offer guidance for student application and admission process for the best colleges and universities.
Customer First
Customer satisfaction is our Main Aim .We suggest the Best Destination that suits for a successful Career.


We are practitioners, first and foremost.
  • Disha Education consultants use their experience in learning, teaching, and assessment to help develop the curriculum, or work with organisations and learners to identify and support their specialist needs.
  • Because of our experience, we are humble about the challenges our clients face and realistic about the work needed to make a difference.


We craft premium solutions based on deep knowledge and trusted relationships.
  • We understand the complexity of education in the Others States—from the classroom to national policy—and know how to navigate it.
  • We rely on our deep knowledge and trusted relationships to develop solutions that bridge the gap between visionary leadership and pragmatic implementation.


We deliver breakthrough results and set our clients up for success
  • We know how to make real change happen and stick.
  • We partner not just on what the solution should be, but on what it will take to turn a well-crafted plan into real impact for students.

Why To Choose Engineering?

  • It's important to find a career that you enjoy. After all, you'll probably be spending eight hours or more a day, five days a week, at your job. Engineering can provide a satisfying field of work.Engineering is the application of mathematics, science, economics, empirical evidence, social, and practical knowledge to invent, innovate, design, build, maintain, research, and improve structures, machines, tools, systems,components, materials, process, solutions, and organizations.
  • Engineering is the discipline of applying scientific and practical knowledge to design and build machinery. “Engineer” is derived from the word “engine”, and the career has unofficially existed since man first invented the wheel. A Master in Engineering can lead to many excellent and rewarding career opportunities.
  • There has been and always will be a large need for engineers. So if you have a knack for applied sciences and are looking for a steady career, then a Master in Engineering is a smart choice. Engineering jobs and education comes in all shapes and sizes. There are engineering careers for practically every discipline of science. A Master in Engineering degree is applicable to a variety of jobs and is highly sought after.



Why To Choose Medical?

  • There are a lot of reasons why people choose to study Medicine, ranging from personal calling to calculated financial gain. Whether it’s the first choice or the backup degree option, studying Medicine at an international university is a long-term commitment and it is generally not taken lightly by students.
  • Most doctors would say that there is no greater joy than the one you feel when you manage to help a very sick patient or when you are part of a group of scientists who discover a new medicine for a certain disease. The ability to directly help the healing process is also a continuous challenge and sometimes it is not easy to cope with it. For this reason, your medical education will prepare you to handle the difficult moments and land on your feet in 99% of the cases.
  • Doctors are seen as a symbol of dignity, responsibility and service towards the community. Members of every local community are aware of the hard work and sacrifices that the medical professional goes through to achieve and maintain this job at an efficient level. Therefore, their positions and opinions relating to the welfare of the community are taken into serious consideration, as well as their example in behaviour and moral standing.A lot of students see this situation as the significant difference in comparison to other study fields and, for this, they point out medicine as a unique example of constant professional perfecting.

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